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Thread: Effectiveness of IVF -- In regards to a Male CFer and female non-CF

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    I am 7 months pregnant with our first baby due to a frozen embryo transfer. Immediately after our egg retrieval and sperm retrieval we decided to freeze all of our embryos (5 total) because my husband ended up being very sick because of CF issues. We decided that wasn't a good time to start having children. 6 years later and one year post double lung transplant, we transferred 2 frozen embryos and I am pregnant with one healthy baby! We are so blessed by these miracles! We are excited about our new lives and future ahead!

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    Wafflesmommy- we were not given the options that you are speaking of. We just did one cycle and ended up with 5 embryos. We do pay an annual fee to store the remaining embryos and sperm.

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    Thank you CFcarebear for sharing your experience. I appreciate it so much. I love hearing about people's experiences, since everyone has a unique journey. Also a big congrats to you and your husband!! That is so exciting.

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