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Thread: F508 & d110h

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    Thank you for your response. Our son has no symptoms. The salt test is 59 and 60, the pancreas functional. Unfortunately Kalydeco in Slovakia is not yet approved. Well, we hope. Kalydeco would be very helpful. In what condition is your daughter's breathing? I hope your daughter will do it. Could we stay in touch (viber, mail or Facebook)? Finally, we found someone with the mutation d110h, we are very excited. Well thank you.

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    She has never had an exacerbation. She has only be in antibiotic for ear infections. She plays and runs with the kids in her class without trouble breathing. I’m always interested to hear others stories especially people of the same mutations. We do her Vest twice a day and she does pulmozyme once a day. I’m available to chat on here or email whatever is easiest.

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    Has she mucus in the lungs? Or why she needs to use the vest? What is the prognosis of patients with the use of the medicinal product kalydeco? Thank you

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    My daughter had a bronchoscope done last year. There was really no reason why other than her doctor felt it would be good to see since she was going under anesthesia for ear tubes. So after that procedure he told us that her lungs look completely normal and you would not know she has CF from what he saw inside her lungs. She does the Vest for precautionary reasons- to keep her lungs this way. It’s standard here.

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