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  1. Thank you Bill.
  2. Hi Bill, I had a great relationship with Craig also and I think that is why he was so offended. I did not realize he was going to take the transfer so hard. I felt our doctor patient relationship would never be repairable. I really appreciate your advice and guidance. I noticed your are an inspiration. Stay well!
  3. Sorry...just saw you mention Craig. Do you also see Uluer sometimes? I saw you mention him in a previous post. How often have you seen Manuela?
  4. Who do you see Bill? I like Dr. Cernadas too but I do not think she has the depth of knowledge like Uluer. She also does not use email regularly and does not get back to you a lot which is frustrating (I do not reach out that often). I really like her as a person and at times she steps to the plate. I will feel terrible leaving her. A couple years ago I started developing low grade fevers and she kept saying I don't think it's related to your cf. I was miserable. I saw other specialists to see why it was happening. I finally reached out to my old doctor (Dorkin) who said, it's your cf. He was right. I appreciate the offer to talk to Gerard but I really don't think it will help.
  5. Hi Printer, Sorry for the delay. I am currently seeing Dr. Manuela Cernadas. She was the only doctor he would allow me to see. I like her but do not think she has the experience I need. The last couple years my health has become a bit more unstable....I am turning 42 in a month. Do you have experience with Dr. Cernadas? My email is [email protected] if that is easier. Also my phone number is 617-869-3504. I am curious to hear your thoughts.
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