View Full Version : exercise fiends plz read

05-10-2013, 12:54 PM
Those of you who exercise heavily, whether weightlifting or cardio/running etc., can you tell me if your DLCO (a parameter on PFTs) is high?

I had PFTs at the drs office yesterday and my DLCO is abnormally high (and higher than last year). This is good news in the sense that DLCO is a marker of efficiency of the transfer of gases. My pulmo was a bit perplexed but not concerned. I'm curious about this because I'm not feeling all that efficient--doing the same sports, but with more struggle.

So, everything I've read says high dlco is caused by a bunch of stuff I don't think I have: obesity, left-to-right shunt, aveolar hemorrhage. Deeper internet digging found that asthma can cause increased vascularization/capillaries of the lungs, resulting in high dlco, so this is my best guess.

I'm curious if other heavy exercisers with lung problems have a similar situation.