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03-26-2006, 02:46 AM
I've been in and out of the hospital allot in the past 2 years 15+ times, but still have a FEV of over 70%, and get depressed for a few days when I get home from the hospital. It doesn't seem to matter if I go on home IV's or what is going on in my life. It takes me a few days to get any sleep, home feels like foren land. I still live with my parents, they are great, and let me live my life. I just feel down for abit. Once my head gets around being home and having a "normal" life again I'm back to my feel good self.

Dose this happen to anybody else? Last summer I went into the hospital with a fever and a FEV in the 50% for 3 weeks and got pretty down, I was almost going to miss my vacion to Whistler so my Doc's put me on a anti-depressant. I lost my sex drive and stopped taking it.

I guess I get down when I go in for the first few days also.

Colin D shots

03-26-2006, 05:08 AM
I don't actually go "in" to the hospital anymore because
I have a lot of issues with it and well we'll just leave it that I
don't.  But when i was younger and through high school when i
would get home form the hospital I was always "off" a
little for probably almost a week.  Hospitals have different
rythems and you have to put up with a lot of crap and you don't
really get to just relax, be yourself, vent etc.  I mean
really if we sat in our hospital room one afternoon and we maybe
thought we'd share our honest feelings with someone it would
probably look like this<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"this f%[email protected]# S*%#$% I hate all of you,
I hate this place, i hate my life why doesn't anyone here knock why
do you all ask me the same questions, are the white jackets totally
a mind game, can I get some sleep why are nurses allowed to wear so
much perfume, I'm not impressed by you, you don't intimidate me so
stop trying, those aren't my lungs your listening to buddy, why
does this place have&nbsp;to ooze so much sadness, I hate the way
it smells here, i hate you think i should do everything on your
schedule why do i get put in "prison" basically every
time I get sick, yes this is prison, see theres a warden and i get
scheduled walks and showers and you bring me gross food on a tray
etc.&nbsp;&nbsp;someone shoot me, blah blah"<br>
I think it takes a lot of control etc to hold that all in.
&nbsp;Then we get home and our family loves us and supports us but
it's not the same for them and we don't know what it's like for
them and everything at home kept going on without me and that made
me mad too and I'd be happy to be home but I felt a drift too.
&nbsp;So in a long answer to your simple question. &nbsp;I too
experienced some re-adjusting time upon coming home from the
hospital. &nbsp;I don't think you are losing your marbles...then
again I'm obviously biased.

03-26-2006, 06:40 AM
i know how you feel colin, although i wouldnt say i get full on depressed, i just get, hmm, weird? at first it feels weird to be in hospital then it feels even weirder to come home! its almost as if you dont know what to do with yourself. im like debbie as in i dont really go in for iv's [although i managed to get conned into going in for a week this time around grr] so those feelings arent really there that much. but when i went to the childrens hospital i would feel so out of place when i got home. they would usually make me stay for the full course and because it wasnt exactly a terrible place to be, it was quite easy to adapt to 'hospital life' and think of it as the norm, therefore making me feel even more out of place when i got home. ive heard alot of other people say they feel the same as you do. definately normal.

03-26-2006, 08:47 AM
Colin I have the same feeling as you do in everyway you explained, but I also feel like Debbie about yelling at the top of my lungs on everything they do and don't let you do in the hospital. I just wanted to let you know that there are other people out there that feel exactly the same way you feel about what you describe. I don't necessarily get depressed but something just isn't right for along while after I get out. Especially sleeping, one time a few years back when I first start getting really sick, I hadn't been in the hospital for about 7 years and it was my first time being admitted as an Adult for CF. Anyways when I got out of the hospital I had the hardest time sleeping when I lied down I couldn't breath I had to prop my pillows up and sleep kind of sitting up so I could feel like I was breathing normal this went on for a couple of days, but I realize fast it wasn't going away, and this wasn't normal for me. So I talk to my Dr. about it and he gave me a small dose of an anxiety pill to help me sleep at night it work and of course I don't take it any more. I still do always have a havd time adjusting my sleep habits, if its going into the hospital or coming out of the hospital. I find that I have a harded time with adjusting to sleep coming home from the hospital and having to go off all those meds. Any how I'm really sorry to here about you being sick so much the last 2 years, I hope you feel better soon!