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07-24-2006, 08:39 PM
I am sure there are alot of topics on here with various recipes. But I thought it would be neat to get them all in one spot. Everyone has different ways of helping to maintain or gain weight. We have come up with a few high calorie recipes that really did wonders for Garran and they tasted good too!

Here is one:

Super-Cal Chocolate Milkshake
(about 1500 cal per 12 oz glass)

2 cups heavy whipping cream
4 cups chocolate ice cream
1 cup whole milk
1 tbs olive oil
1/2 cup cool whip
1 (237 ml) can vanilla (ensure/two-cal/ or boost)
oreo cookies, M&M's etc... (optional)

Blend all ingredients in blender for about 2-3 minutes depending on your blender, and pour into cups. Add crushed oreos, M&M's, Butter fingers, brownies etc... to make it like a DQ Blizzard. (you might need to add more icecream if it is too runny)

Makes about 4 servings

<b>So add your favorite recipe!</b>

07-25-2006, 03:38 AM
Cream of chicken or Cream of mushroom soup
Cheese (any kind you want)

Basically just build it like a lasagna or a multi-layered casserole and bake it until it is heated through. It tastes even better after it sits in the refridgerator overnight, so it is good to make a whole bunch so there will be lots of leftovers. It's always a hit at pot-lucks as well.

07-25-2006, 10:54 PM
Thats an awesome recipe I will try it tomorrow for dinner! thanks

07-26-2006, 12:39 AM
I remember this coming up a long while ago. Somebody was trying to put together a cook book I think.
I know that the last time I looked on it there was a huge amount of recipes on the thread...
I'd definitely do a search here.

Also if you want calories hit Starbuck's and get the Blended Frappuccino - Strawberries and Cream the big one (venti) with whipped cream has 750 calories.

07-26-2006, 06:17 AM
There's a nutrition blog that we can post recipes to. It's under organization blogs. Thanks for the recipes.

08-24-2006, 03:51 PM
Getting enough calories is exhausting sometimes. People often tell
me "I wish I could eat like you! You never gain a pound!"
Spare me. I would gladly swap places with that person in order to
gain a pound. People without CF don't understand how frustrating it
is to eat and eat and eat some more, choke down a disgusting
supplemental food (don't even get me started on Scandishakes!) and
still only weigh 99 pounds soaking wet.<br>
I'm fortunate to actually have a fairly ravenous appetite. Back in
high school I could pack away two Double-Doubles, fries and a shake
from In-N-Out and call that an afternoon snack. I joke that my four
basic food groups are 1) sugars 2) fats 3) salts and 4) artificial
flavorings. These days I'm eating healthier stuff, but still in
huge quantities. My doc wants to see me gain about 4 more pounds by
my next appointment--padding for the winter months I presume--but
I'll be darned if I have to get there using foods that I hate. I
prefer to meet that goal in a manner of <span style=
" font-style: italic;">my choosing.<br>
To that end, I've created a great mega-calorie shake. I call it
"Rocket Fuel". According to my calculations, it's got a
whopping 1000 calories. I usually make one when I get home from
work. If any of you CFers out there would like to give it a try,
please let me know what you think. Here's the recipe:<br>
"Rocket Fuel"<br>
1 1/2 c. vanilla ice cream<br>
1/2 c. whole milk<br>
1/2 c. Dole pine/orange/banana juice<br>
1/4 c. malted milk<br>
1 Tbls. <a href=
"http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/tl/mct.html">Twinlab "MCT
Fuel" orange flavor</a><br>
10 strawberries<br>
1 medium banana<br>
Put all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until it is
uniform in color and consistency. Enjoy!<br>
I'll probably put some of my other "Signature" recipes on
this site in the future. For the most part, Carnation Instant
Breakfast is the only nutritional supplement that I can stand to
ingest on a regular basis. My philosophy is, it doesn't matter how
nutritional/calorie-laden it is, if you can't make yourself like it
enough to eat it, you'll never gain any weight from it.