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02-17-2005, 05:27 PM
Thought i would also take advantage of this wonderfull new feature!....I have also bought this subject up previoulsy and would like to know what you think as a Doctor... I am 18 and for the past 4years have not really been exercising regularly. I used to play sports when i was at school but since then with being at college now just havent had time to exercise. However after a short stay in hopsital i was strongly idvised by my physio therapist to at least try and walk/jog for 10mins a day. So since then have been trampolining and rowing religiously for about 20mins at least every other day to keep my fitness levels up! So really i was just wondering if i have left this too late and if my lung function will ever improve ??also i dont know if you can answer this one either...but i dont do any kind of physio therepy nor flutter on a regular basis and haven't done for about 7yrs (eek!!), i dont know if ive left this too late now either? has the damage already been done? I would regard myself as being in pretty good health, i have my ups and downs but more recently have noticed a difference in my health (as in a bit more down!) I usually end up on I.V's at least twice a year sometimes more. My SAT levels are 97% if that helps!?!Many thanks,emma 18 cf uk

02-17-2005, 07:27 PM
Emma,I will be glad to answer your question when I'm finished with patient care for the day.Thanks for your posting.Dr. Lee

02-19-2005, 03:47 PM
emma,I am unsure why the good doctor has agreed to answer our questions but has not, I hope you don't mind if I butt in.What are you PFT's like? As you know our disease is progressive and our number 1 goal is to slow down the progession, It is never to late to attempt to slow down the disease. Have you been tolerating the exercise well? I have posted before that I truly believe that the exercise not only helps PFT's in removal of sections but helps resist the restriction portion of our disease(FVC) by expanding the lungs. So, to answer your question the exercise may or may not increase your PFT's. You were probably wanting to hear something a little more conclusive, sorry... but that is the truth. I can tell you that my FEV1 stays 3-5% higher when I exercise then when I don't. Actually, after IV's(which I am going on now) I will not redo my PFT's until 3-4 weeks after I can work out regularly to maximize my tests results.If you want to post your regimen and PFT's I will see what else I can suggest. Luke Bailey, MBA RRT

02-21-2005, 01:32 AM
Emma,Thank you for posting this question! Luke, this is just another category on a forum and you have as much right to post your replies as I do. Thank you for caring enough to step in and replying to Emma.I do apologize for the delayed response. This has been a very busy weekend for me (my birthday is the 21st). It is never too late to exercise or to develop healthy life habits. I hope you always keep that in mind as you live the rest of your life. Please don't lose any more time dwelling on what you haven't done, but be motivated and encouraged by all that you can still do. At 18, you can do so much more to help slow the progression and assist in improving your standard of life. The most important thing is consistency. This is the number one problem that all of us face in trying to maintain a regular exercise program. Most of us repeatedly give up too soon which only adds to our discouragement . Unfortunately, the process of developing healthy habits is often times a very difficult one. It requires motivation, discipline, and work in addition to failed attempts. I believe we all have time to exercise (it always comes down to prioritizing). We make time for activities that we enjoy and are motivated to take part in. Your physical therapist was absolutely right in suggesting a regular aerobic exercise program for you. Emma, you need to do some research and find a few activities available at school such as intramural sports. Taking part in regular team sports activities can only add to the motivation of staying consistent. Trampoline and rowing can also be a great form of exericise. It is just a matter of you taking all those options and making a commitment to make it an indefinite part of your life. Although exercise is an integral component of your health maintenance, regular respiratory and physical therapy is equally crucial. Please don't waste any more valuable time and get started on these very helpful preventative measures. It is also in your best interest to be under the care of a interdisciplinary medical team who understands your unique medical needs and communicates with each other to provide you with great care. Let those "down" days be a motivating factor in making this life changing step toward a healthier future.Keep your hopes up and focus on what is ahead not what has or has not been. Yours Truly,Dr. Lee

02-22-2005, 07:04 PM
thank you both very much for your replies. I am not sure what my PFT's are like but i do feel i have achieved something when i exercise and have been sticking to it pretty well. As you say Dr Taylor, i must find some kind of way to make both the exercise and therepy part of my everyday life in the same way i do taking med's and stuff but i just cant seem to get my head around this.I do need to priorites my life around the things that mean the most to me i.e my health, and i admit this hasn't been the case so far....Thanks againfor getting back to me very much appreciated.emma 18 cf uk