View Full Version : It Broke My Heart!!

01-11-2004, 08:43 PM
When watching the Real World the other night, I couldn't help but to completely break down. I had two sisters die from CF. Stephanie was 15 and Christy was 21. They would have done anything to have lived longer and to see Frankie's disregard for the disease broke my heart. I really do hope MTV's portrayal of her and CF are done in a positive light so that it may open's people's eye's up to the severity of the disease rather than what I saw the other night. To me, it just seemed that it came across to people as maybe not that big of a deal, even Frankie made it seem like she didn't care too much that she had it. She slid it into conversation and then continued to say that she is still going to smoke. It literally broke my heart, not only for my sisters whom I miss more than anything even years after their passing, but for those millions of children suffering through it on a daily basis that would do anything to be able to breath without coughing and hurting. Thanks for reading this. I just had to say SOMETHING on behalf of Christy and Stephanie. Much love and prayers to those children/adults and family members that suffer through CF. I really hope this Real World opens people's heart and minds to just how very serious this disease is. Sincerely, Jenna Hoffman. [email protected]<img src="i/expressions/brokenheart.gif" border="0">