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06-19-2021, 09:05 AM
Types of essays
Relying on the domestic and foreign experience of introducing essays in the higher educational process, we can present four options for the use of these type of written paperhelp reviews (https://www.writingpapersucks.com/paymetodoyourhomework-review/).

Essay-credit is a written form of credit in the context of a specific subject area.
Essay as a variant of independent creative work performed in the form of homework.
Essay-control (independent) work - is held at seminars or practical classes in order to consolidate the studied material.
The essay as a free essay - the performance of this type of written work takes no more than 30 minutes and is held to summarize the lesson, a brief formulation of the reviewed material and conclusions on the topic.

We want to draw the readers' attention to the importance of working according to a pre-compiled plan. In addition, you can record in advance certain provisions, ideas and points of view, which later, in expanded form, can be attached to a separate item of the plan. The absence of a plan may indicate a lack of a clear formulation of thought and an accurate understanding of the issue at hand.

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