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09-25-2017, 12:24 PM

My daughter carries the DeltaF508 and 5T, (a variant) she is not diagnosed with the disease but with her combo, its a variant of the disease and can show signs of mostly the respiratory parts of it. (Which so far, she hasn't but you never know what the future will bring)

I collected cord blood from my older son, no CF genes and from my daughter. My question is, would her cord blood be of any use in the future? As I understand, it's obviously her genes and carries the same combo so IF she needed any type of cord blood assistance, it would be from my son's collection. Do I keep her cord blood? I've been researching and put a call in to our CF specialist but was wondering if anyone had input, thank you!


09-26-2017, 09:03 PM
I have honestly never heard of anything like this, nor do I know anything about cord blood. I'd say it's highly unlikely that it could be used for her benefit.

10-08-2017, 10:03 AM

When we shared your post on social media @emudge3, some of our members replied "My daughter had the cord blood saved for her daughter who was diagnosed with CF while she was still pregnant. I know that it's an expensive procedure but my daughter & her husband felt that it was an important thing to do. I am pretty much uneducated about cord blood but I would save it if I were you. My daughter & son-in-law are very smart and investigate everything so I'm just using them as an example." as well as "Not sure about her cord blood but I think your sons cord blood would be benificial to her..."

09-29-2019, 02:28 PM
Well, your situation is rather strange. But it is necessary to check everything correctly.

06-02-2021, 12:14 AM
Cord blood banking is a process of collecting potentially life-saving stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta and storing them for future use. Stem cells are immature cells that can assume the form of other cells.
There are so many things to think about when you have a child. One of them is the blood from your baby’s umbilical cord (which connects the baby to the mother while in the womb). It used to be thrown away at birth, but now, many parents store the blood for the future health of their child. Should you do it?
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What Can It Be Used For?
The umbilical cord fluid is loaded with stem cells. They can treat cancer, blood diseases like anemia, and some immune system disorders, which disrupt your body's ability to defend itself.
The fluid is easy to collect and has 10 times more stem cells than those collected from bone marrow.
Stem cells from cord blood rarely carry any infectious diseases and are half as likely to be rejected as adult stem cells.
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