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06-07-2005, 07:11 PM
I was just wondering if anyone has a disabled parking permit? I am asking my doc for one. She is still finding out how to get one... She has never gave one out before cause she is a peds doc! So i am bringing up somethings that she has never had to deal with before!!! i know that you have to go to the DMV but I am not sure where to go from there...can anyone help me out? Thanx

Cariann 20 w/cf cfrd mrsa

06-08-2005, 01:54 PM
Emily got hers about two years ago. You have to get the form from DMV and your doc has to sign it, filling in why the permit is needed and then it goes back to DMV. Really simple process. Emily got hers back in about 5 weeks or so.

06-08-2005, 02:58 PM
I have one too, same process. Check to see if you can download the form from your DMV's website!
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