View Full Version : Celebrity Appearances

05-23-2005, 12:03 PM
I am from Australia and have noticed in magazines all the celebrities at charity events in America. Can anyone tell me if these celebrities charge to be present at these events. Is it difficult to get them to events - how does one go about it. Or are they organised by such high profile people/organisations that they want to be SEEN? I don't know, I have a few ideas to raise funds and heighten awareness but will need some names to get guests along and names as guest speakers/MC's. What is the best way as I am sure they are inundated with requests. Can anyone give me ideas on ways to raise awareness. What is going to make people who arent affected and probably won't be, want to help our cause. Kylie Minogue was just diagnosed with breast cancer and as such the awareness has increased tenfold which is great of course and donations have been flooding in. I want people to take notice of CF and want to help CF events become succesful and for all people with CF to receive everything they deserve to have the best possible shot at life. What are some ideas of things to say to heighten awareness, to get sponsors, celebrities involved and bums on seats? Thanks in anticipation. Is it best to have photo's of kids, do we have to show/speak of the good and the bad of CF. Because people with CF look okay, I find that many just don't understand why the funds/support/services are needed.
Thanks Again