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09-02-2015, 03:39 PM
Hey everyone, have you guys seen the Cystic Fibrosis Tag videos CFers are doing? It's kinda like a "CF Challenge". From what I understand the CF foundation urged CFers to share their stories and what it's like having CF to help raise awareness and The Frey Life on youtube started the trend of CFers making these videos. It's a really great idea for spreading CF awareness and helps people understand a little bit more about what it's like living with the disease.

If you guys haven't already made one, try to do one and post it!

Here are just a few so far and more keep popping up everyday:

Larry Brian - https://youtu.be/SesAz_01R2E

The Frey Life - https://youtu.be/Jwmjkqc6zes

HannahBreathes - https://youtu.be/-eEiwTl_qhc

Oh and use #CFAwareness if you make one and post it on social media. Lets get a movement going!

09-03-2015, 09:51 AM
Very cool! I'll talk to my son about making one for CF Awareness specifically. He did get chosen to tell "his story" of how Children's Miracle Network Hospitals has helped him and to help encourage others to "put their money where the miracles are". Joe's CMNH video is here: https://vimeo.com/132462925

I'll post when he gets a specific CF Awareness video too!

09-03-2015, 11:23 AM
Great video, Treasure! Great kid! You must be very proud of him.

09-03-2015, 11:27 AM
I like this idea! This is better than many of the other "challenge" ideas I've heard. I would make one but I'm terribly camera shy. I would be stuttering nonsense lol

09-03-2015, 11:52 AM
TreasureGoddess - That's a great video! I hope he's doing well in basketball still. I used to play basketball, baseball, and lacrosse throughout school too and I really think it's what kept me healthy for so long!

beautifulsoul - Definitely! They're short and educational too. If you decide to do one youtube has its own video editor when you upload it so that you can cut out the parts where you get stumbled on talking. It helps a lot lol.