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03-27-2003, 03:35 PM
I found this article on another site when I was reaseraching info on HEP C ( A close friend of was just DX with it so I was looking for info.) The article caught my attention because I have a problem with fatiuge, irritablity, and mild depression. Have had the problem since I was out of a job for 4 month (I quit a very depression job--not health related). Even after I started another job, I could not kick it. I went on mild anti depressant for a while, yet I did not like the sides and quit them. After reading this article I gave the suggestions a try-(Multi vitamen, vitamen E and omega-3) and have notice a world of differecne. I feel better, more energy, better mood and have been sleeping like a baby! Even though it is geared more torward Hep C patients it give alot of insite! Just thought I would pass it along in case anyone else had problems with fatigue and irritablity. B..<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif" border="0">From My PerspectiveHelp With Fatigue and IrritabilitySharon Bahrych, PA-C, MPH; Physician Assistant-Certified; Denver Health Medical CenterI've taken care of patients with hepatitis C for the past 3 years at Denver Health. In all of my dealings with patients over the years, I've come to the conclusion that the following is helpful for any patient who is currently undergoing treatment:1) Take a multi-vitamin supplement with or without iron (based on the patient's iron studies) every day. During a patient's treatment, they typically don't eat as well, they're stressed out from having to take extra medications every day, and yet try to continue with their work schedules, family life, etc. The multi-vitamin supplement has all of the various forms of vitamin B in it, which our bodies need to handle stress. The multi-vitamin typically also has a small amount of vitamin C in it, which we know is an anti-oxidant, and therefore works to combat ribavirin's side effect of decreasing a patient's r ed blood cell count. 2) Take Vitamin E every day, I advise my patients to take 800 units a day. Vitamin E is known to be an anti-oxidant and therefore works like Vitamin C, by combating the side effects of ribavirin, which helps to prevent a decrease in your red blood cells. When a patient's red blood cell count goes down from ribavirin, you are classified as having anemia, which increases your fatigue/tiredness symptoms. The other benefit from Vitamin E that I've found (anecdotally) is that it helps prevent mood swings and irritability, both of which can be caused by interferon. My patients tell me that it helps take the edge off, and they tend not to be quite so irritat ed at life. 3) Omega 3 (Fish Oil) supplements: I advise many of my patients to take 3 capsules a day of this supplement. It is an essential fatty acid which is needed for neurological brain development in infants, and which the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) now requires in every infant formula sold in the U.S. There have been many studies done on this supplement in bipolar or depressed patients, and it has been found to be effective. It is also used in auto-immune diseases such as Crohn's Disease to help comba t the inflammatory response. I advise my patients to take 3 capsules daily if they complain to me about fatigue (which 50% of all HCV patients have), increasing mood swings or irritability (despite the Vitamin E). I've found this supplement to be quite helpful in my patient populati on and since initiating it, I haven't had to prescribe an anti-depressant medication for going on 8-9 months now. I was told by one of my patients recently that when she attended a Hep C Connection support group recently many of the attendees were complaining of fatigue, not feeling well, being grumpy, and not having enough energy to even be able to work. It came ac ross as though the treatment for HCV was worse than the disease itself. My patient (as well as another patient of mine in attendance) jumped on those complaining and told them to immediately start up on a multi-vitamin, vitamin E and omega 3 supplements every day. They'd then be able to work, felt better and not suffer from all of the medication side effects. Another patient of mine was just in clinic the other day. His wife was with him and she informed me that he had become quite irritable two weeks prior. She remembered my talking about omega 3 supplements and immediately put her husband on them. She infor med me that it took about 1 week for her to really notice a difference in her husband's mood, but that he was much easier to be around now, and not irritated at "all those little things" that used to get to him before. So, if you want to help yourself overcome your hepatitis C, remember to take your multi-vitamin (with or without iron based on your individual iron studies), vitamin E and if need be, omega 3 every day. You'll be happy you did! http://www.hepc-connection.org/newsletter/01-02_03/perspective.shtml