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  1. Proteostasis: F508del Research
  2. Calista Therapeutics: F508del Research
  3. Ataluren Update- Phase 3 trial planned for 2014
  4. Back from Denver National Jewish.....(Kalydeco trial)
  5. Just lost my phase 3 place. :( DF508 /i507del
  6. First Time Post
  7. ProQR Receives Orphan Drug Status for F508del Therapy
  8. Nitric oxide pilot trial demonstrates an 8.8% FEV1 increase after 2 weeks
  9. Information about how VX809 helps F508del and other mutations helped by VX809
  10. News for gating, residual function and conductance mutations!
  11. Australian Kalydeco Campaign - New Facebook Page
  12. Surfing-inspired nebuliser developed to treat cystic fibrosis
  13. 3 y/o post lap chole
  14. Ataluren and Nonsense Mutations Update
  15. Does Kalydeco Eliminate Pseudemonas?
  16. UK Gene Therapy Trial Update
  17. January Vertex Update- Latest VX809, VX661 and Kalydeco with gating & R117H info
  18. Feb Vertex Update - Kalydeco receives FDA approval for 8 gating mutations
  19. A New Drug Device for Cystic Fibrosis Patients
  20. Kalydeco and D1152h
  21. May Vertex Update- VX661 adds further benefit to those on Kalydeco with G551D/F508del
  22. Ataluren Phase 3 Trial Results
  23. May Ataluren Update - New phase 3 trial to start in June
  24. Clinical Trial for kids ages 6 and up with DD508
  25. Kalydeco/lumacaftor for DDF508 results are in.
  26. New treatment for metastatic cervical cancer for women
  27. CNBC News on Vertex...
  28. Expanding Orthopedics obtains FDA clearance for FLXfit 3D expandable interbody cage
  29. Medical firm BioPhotas introduced LED therapy device Celluma ELITE
  30. Mevion Higher speed pencil beam scanning - Hyperscan proton therapy system
  31. cystic fibrosis and criopreservation umbilical cord blood and tissue
  32. Event Celebrates 25 Years of Genetic Advances in CF that Improved CF Care
  33. Z1 Auto - New sleep therapy solution, HDM
  34. CFTR modulation for those with ONE copy of DDF508?
  35. Anyone approved for Kalydeco for a 5T variant
  36. Kalydeco with an FEV1 of ~27% (homozygous delta-F508)
  37. Is this the right test?
  38. CFTR modulation for those with TWO copy's of DDF508?
  39. residual function & Kalydeco news
  40. Report from Europe: Ivacaftor Real World Results
  41. Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
  42. Testing CFTR Modulation drugs like Kalydeco, in vitro, on rare mutations.
  43. Anyone participate in the last vx661-107 ?
  44. Warning to those with the A455E mutation
  45. What to expect with Kalydeco
  46. Who can explain this mutation? Delta 508f/c.2274_2275delinsT
  47. Want to hear from pancreatic sufficient cfers.