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  1. Help I am new to this all!!
  2. My baby girl
  3. Need help and advice for our 11 week old with CF
  4. Question about mutation 3154T>G
  5. please help..IRT levels elevated-DNA mutation negative
  6. sleepy 2month old baby! symptom of cf?
  7. Unknown Variant
  8. Anyone with same gonotype (F508del/2789+5G>A)-need some guidance!
  9. waiting on sweat test results
  10. Sweat Test results are in
  11. New and Confused about my son
  12. how do I ask my doctor
  13. c.1111dupA (p.Ile371AsnfsX11)
  14. Can someone help me
  15. Abnormal 2nd Baby Screening Result
  16. Diagnostic Help
  17. fighting for help
  18. Advice about Fast Nebulizers
  19. Taking CF medication - having bad reactions
  20. My diagnosis at age 34
  21. Rare Mutation - Help
  22. Boarderline
  23. help with diagnosis
  24. one mutation but symptoms of CF-what to do?
  25. borderline sweat test results?
  26. New Born Screening Positive
  27. Boyfriend Recently Diagnosed
  28. DF508 and 711+1G>T
  29. UPDATE from APPT: 8 yo with pancreatic insufficiency, fighting for genetic sequencing
  30. my diagnosis
  31. Concerned mother of a 1 year old boy; help with insight?!
  32. Does this sound like CF
  33. advise please - 13yr old just over 7th pneumonia
  34. Newly diagnosed 20 yr old
  35. Looking for a CF Center in Northern NJ or NYC
  36. 2 Year old daughter recently diagnosed with CF
  37. Maybe CF, Maybe not?
  38. Understanding the Genetics
  39. Grandson diagnosed with CF through Newborn Screening
  40. the Dr says not cf.
  41. Newly diagnosed 2 year old
  42. What do you wish you would have known?
  43. Mutations DF508 & 617T>G
  44. 7 days left to help this cause!!
  45. Irish Mom publishes second book for kids with cf starting preschool/school.
  46. what is the CFTR mutation of this gene test?
  47. CF or not CF
  48. Unclear situation with cf diagnostic
  49. What can we expect?
  50. Late diagnosis due to child's testing
  51. Our Blog for Baby Aven
  52. Are extremely sweaty palms and soles of feet seen in CF.
  53. 20 Weeks Pregnant and found out baby has DDF508 CF - What to expect, and what to do?
  54. Newborn just diagnosed and I M FREAKIN OUT
  55. Any chance newborn screen is wrong?
  56. My 11 day old daughter has e60x and the delta508 mutation. Anyone else?
  57. One dr says PI, one dr says not PI
  58. Warning- Awful experience
  59. Failure to thrive! OPINIONS PLZ
  60. Medicine costs
  61. Really CF?
  62. Anyone else have E60x and deltaF508
  63. Rsv vaccine
  64. feeding tube to infant
  65. CPT question
  66. Salt rooms ?
  67. Mutations
  68. Just wrote a book about my struggle with CF and how I dealt with it. I am 34 years ol
  69. need advice
  70. Bacteria in throat culure
  71. Pancreatic insufficency in siblings (wocf)
  72. New diagnosis...looking for support and advice
  73. First Cold
  74. Repeat sweat test.
  75. Best treatment center in us
  76. More confused now than ever!
  77. New to Thread, Newly Diagnosed
  78. Can you taste salty at times and not have CF?
  79. Where do you find information about specific mutations?
  80. Hospitals?
  81. Help
  82. CF Parenting Teleclass in February, Registration open now
  83. Suspect CF.. Even possible? :/
  84. Sounds like CF to me, but pulm doesn’t agree...Advice??
  85. Sweat Test done.. Now im confused? :/
  86. DD diagnosed, took 4 years to find out!
  87. Liver Issues with CF?
  88. Pancreatic Insufficiency
  89. Confused... does this sound like CF to you?
  90. Supplemental Insurance
  91. new diagnosis... unrealistic clinging to hope?
  92. Normal IRT?
  93. 3.5 yr old low ferritin, has never had formed stool and being tested for CF PI-Help!
  94. 3.5 yr old low ferritin, has never had formed stool and being tested for CF PI-Help!
  95. Infants w/ CF born now have a great chance at a long life :-)
  96. Where do you turn...
  97. Testing to rule out CF - need support
  98. Help! Should I just let it go?
  99. IRT/DNA - does this mean my son definitely has CF
  100. waiting... Might be CF... confused and lost
  101. Rectal biopsy using biopsy from past colonoscopy?
  102. 14-year old just diagnosed
  103. Frightened and sad...
  104. 8 months old and no answers
  105. Please help with research for creating a "Newly Diagnosed" class. Thanks. :-)
  106. 21 months - chronic respiratory issues and loose/fatty stools - CF or not?
  107. Newly diagnosed
  108. Where do I turn??
  109. Baby stool Question
  110. Formula milk or solid foods
  111. Which children's hospital
  112. New to all of this Looking for some help
  113. Brain Wave Test Approved by US Regulators
  114. Diagnosed three years ago...still fighting for treatment.
  115. New to the Forum daughter with CF
  116. son may have cf
  117. Positive Newborn Screening for CF
  118. What is upper endoscopy?
  119. Why is an upper endoscopy performed?
  120. 5 year old Daughter MIGHT have CF
  121. repeat sweat test intermediate
  122. CRMS-diagnosis limbo
  123. CPT for 2 month old baby
  124. Vest
  125. Just found out my twins are CF...
  126. Maybe a stupid question, but can twins with CF share the same room?
  127. FDA Clearance of the Dario(TM) Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  128. Upcoming Class for CF Parents: Winning with CF -Registration Now Open
  129. Borderline sweat test--the waiting is hard
  130. 7 month old son has moderate pancreatic insufficiency. Confused.
  131. Infant diagnosed-Confused-Hurting
  132. The first insulin pump with a touch screen
  133. (Almost) 4 year old son, awaiting "official" diagnosis
  134. Worth bringing up?
  135. EZono 4000 tablet ultrasound system with eZGuide
  136. diagnosed at age 76
  137. Should I Ask?
  138. CF and disability
  139. borderline test - there is hope
  140. Is This Even Possible?
  141. 2 mutations via NBS, negative Sweat Test. Now what?
  142. Dr. Needed for newly diagnosed patient.
  143. Trying to find some answers.
  144. how can this be taking so long?
  145. suctioning 4 month old
  146. Help needed- Originally posted in Family forum
  147. Late/mild diagnosis?
  148. Borderline & positive sweat tests
  149. Where to receive the best care - Stanford or Mayo Clinic?
  150. Pseudomonas Fluorescens?
  151. 4 week old has CRMS for right now
  152. When (If) did your CRMS turn into CF?
  153. CF testing, at 23?
  154. Newborn Screening- NERVOUS WRECK PLEASE HELP!
  155. momma's intuition
  156. Broncoscopy
  157. Resource web page for young children with CF
  158. just a question
  159. Here we go--baby cultured pseudomonas
  160. Which CF Care center to use??
  161. Could I have CF?
  162. Breathe Easy for a Little Girl Named Faith
  163. worried about my daughter
  164. Not diagnoised yet, later in life. Need some advice 59 yrs old
  165. Adults and older CF patients regarding the CF centers and getting diagnoised.
  166. Newly Diagnosed via Newborn Screen - Help!
  167. When to call?
  168. Working Towards Diagnosis - Fearing CF
  169. Pseudomonas and Balancing Work & Treatment
  170. Bowel Movement issues
  171. CF Limbo-Update on immunodeficiency
  172. 18 years old possible CF.
  173. False negative sputum culture?
  175. new need opinions
  176. nebulizer
  177. struggling for answers
  178. question on mutations
  179. Delta F508 & R117H 5T
  180. update
  181. 26, just diagnosed, advice/input/kind words welcome.
  182. CRMS baby and sweat test results
  183. Should it be considered?
  184. CF and natural options... ???
  185. Sweat test scheduled...I have so many questions
  186. Misdiagnosis?
  187. Awesome CF Ed Day in Richmond, VA area on March 28- open to all
  188. updat/questions
  189. atypical form of cf diagnosis
  190. Cough question
  191. mstein just diagnosed with cystic fibrosis
  192. Looking for Help/Clarification on CF
  193. 3 Year Old Just Diagnosed - Help!
  194. Possible cf
  195. Possible CF (input please)
  196. Recently diagnosed at 31
  197. R117H, original carrier diagnosis but should we retest?
  198. Negative sweat test but lots of mucus
  199. Looking for more information.
  200. Lifetime of undiagnosed GI symptoms + asthma and waiting for genetic testing
  201. So confused....no diagnosis...stop looking?
  202. Trying to figure out how accurate the sweat test is before tomorrow
  203. question about sweat test results
  204. Could it be CF in my 14 yo?
  205. How positive have the tests been?
  206. gene c.3140-26a
  207. Daughter has PCD- Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
  208. Please help!!!
  209. zythromax long term?
  210. Please help! Possibe CF? Sweat test needed after rectal prolapse in 2 1/2 year old
  211. Diagnosed at 36
  212. PCD panel results....more testing
  213. Help in testing
  214. Trying to find answers
  215. 5T, 7T and 9T varient
  216. Rough start
  217. Still no diagnosis 9 yr old
  218. 12 year old just diagnosed
  219. Need help understanding my diagnosis
  220. Newly diagnosed 23 year old
  221. Drinking water
  222. Sweat Test Results Please help me understand
  223. My son has this combination: 3849+10kbC and 712-G->T
  224. What were your first symptoms?
  225. Sweat test because of Chest Xray results
  226. Newborn
  227. Sweat test result: 58
  228. Is it ok
  229. 6 year old with mild CF (?)
  230. Son sweat test 58/59 probable CF almost 6
  231. Just curious differences in repeat sweat test?
  232. 2 teen siblings diagnosed
  233. Negative sweat chloride, cf still possible?
  234. Second DNA test to rule out CF
  235. Question on L183i Cystic Fibrosis mutation
  236. Not negative and not positive sweat test..
  237. Atypical CF
  238. Repeat sweat tests, crms, and one scared mom
  239. My 7 years daughter is recently diagnosed to have CF
  240. Should I request a new sweat test?
  241. Waiting On A Sweat Test, Support...
  242. Daughter needing diagnosis
  243. Myself
  244. Two positive sweat tests
  245. Diagnosed during pregnancy
  246. Newly Diagnosed
  247. Should I request a sweat test?