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  1. Non Mucoid Pseudomonas
  2. Christmas Chat ~
  3. Should my son be teted?
  4. Nebulizer for babies
  5. Help...Am I Being Ridiculous???
  6. Suggestions to keep my baby healthy
  7. What are your thoughts?
  8. opinions on flooring
  9. Puffer vs nebulizer
  10. Website for Philip
  11. CF baby born in Africa - no CF specialists
  12. Anyone with 5T mutation??
  13. anyone dx'd with CF without known mutations?
  14. choking common is CF babies?
  15. choking - common in CF babies?
  16. CF and Immune Deficiency
  17. A little hope
  18. CF or Not ???
  19. Cystic Fibrosis Center Visis
  20. Looking for Information
  21. PS or PI??
  23. Which vest to buy?
  24. Two benign mutations
  25. voice change in babies
  26. Fluctuating wieght gain
  27. CF or No CF? desperate for advice.. anyone?!
  28. cf pharmacy v. foundation cares or any others
  29. What is the next step?
  30. Help
  31. Daughter diagnosed with CF DeltaF508 and R117C, 7T gene
  32. CF and kidney problems
  33. sharktank
  34. Just Diagnosed too.
  35. New here
  36. How to get Dr. to do genetic sequencing?
  37. Possible new diagnosis in 13 yr old girl
  38. Grandson Newly Diagnosed
  40. Scared and not sure where to go....UPDATED 4--5-10 more questions
  41. Grandson Jaden 2 yrs old dx 3/10/10
  42. pseudomonas and staph
  43. mutation
  44. is this cf
  45. G27X and Q493X
  46. Vest question/help
  47. Swimming in a saline/saltwater pool
  49. Sweat Test
  50. 1st Genetic test- 1 mutation shown... further testing?
  51. Tested Today
  52. How long did you wait to be seen at CF clinic
  53. Our newborn newly diagnosed with homozygous df508, CPT questions
  54. Can you have CF without a mutated gene and failed sweat test?
  55. Get Genitic Tests!
  56. Anyone have details on sharktank.org?
  57. Still confused!
  58. I have the mutations finally!! Anyone know ANYTHING!?
  59. + sweat test
  60. Favorite CF clinic/CF doctors
  61. Needing some insight.. Feeling doscouraged...
  62. What should I be prepared for
  63. new dx
  64. We are finally getting to do the sweat test and full panel
  65. One positive sweat test on negative.
  66. Late Diagnosis
  67. Had the sweat test and blood work
  68. Can anyone recommend a good clinic/doctor/insurance on the west coast?
  69. Daughter 4 weeks old IRT Screening
  70. Wondering if someone could help me out?
  71. More enzyme issues
  72. My Daughter is Afraid of the Albuterol Machine
  73. diagnosed today
  74. Delta f508 with 5t?
  75. Bath or shower?
  76. F508& 711 3A>G
  77. More mucus in stool w a cold?
  78. HIgh IRT levels
  79. new mom & breastfeeding
  80. Searching for info.
  81. Testing for 12 y.o.
  82. Any info on delta F508/c.2657+2_2657+3insA
  83. please help lots of financial ?'s
  84. Anyone know what this means
  85. Confused...
  86. uncertain about the future but trying to stay positive
  87. Thank you everyone
  88. Meconium Illeus
  89. Depressed
  90. Grandson newly diagnosed @ 21 months of age -- military family.
  92. Frustrated and so very confused...
  93. we need to know what ?s to ask
  94. genes identified in grand daughter
  95. A bit depressed
  96. Doing CPT (clapping) on your infant
  98. Any Info on F508del/L732X
  99. 13 yr old daughter diagnosed with CF
  100. Told not to worry but I am
  101. Twins with CF?
  102. Any Thoughts?
  103. Searching For Mutation: c.2789+2_+3insA
  104. Do you have a toddler or preschooler?
  105. Help!!! Cystic Fibrosis or Not
  106. Vest/Insurance Coverage
  107. What to do
  108. Genetic Test Result Questions
  109. Negative sweat test, but still have CF
  110. CF carrier, questions for other women with a mutation
  111. New to this site
  112. I have a question
  113. Q493X anyone?
  114. A mother knows best
  115. Have I got CF?
  116. Atypical Cystic Fibrosis
  117. Anybody from North Louisiana?
  118. Choosing a Center - CHOP vs duPont
  119. Going in for a sweat test
  120. Sweat Test
  121. Son had abnormal Newborn test.. Please Read
  122. Son had abnormal Newborn test.. Please Read have to wait 12/6 for sweat test
  123. Anybody in the Atlanta (south of ATL) area with Kids with CF?
  124. 3wk old Diagnosed 11/15
  125. What's your opinion on this thought
  126. Possible cf
  127. need to know questions to ask
  128. Confused
  129. Staph Infection???
  130. diagnosed today
  132. Sweat test 39/35
  133. Hand washing
  135. in reference to urgent message to worried grandma and candi81
  136. Daughter being sent for sweat chloride test
  137. Finally further testing
  138. Winning with CF: Tools, Tips, and Tactics for Raising Healthier Kidstm
  139. Son is testing Monday
  140. We had a negative sweat test AND a great kidney check up
  141. Trying to either get a diagnosis or rule out cf
  142. It is now official
  143. New Webpage from CFF for Positive Newborn Screening
  144. Pregnant daughter just diagnosed as carrier
  145. not sure what to do, if anything!
  146. Cf with no mutations?
  147. 13 yr old son newly dx w/ CF; also dx w/ Crohn's
  148. the talk
  149. Wondering what to expect
  150. This is new to me, I need guidance please
  151. chickening out!
  152. Culture
  153. My sons sweat test came back 62/ 60. Help!
  154. dumb question
  155. Going to cf clinic tmrw for the first time. Questions???
  156. Going to cf clinic tmrw for the first time. Questions???
  157. Please.. Anyone have any ideas???
  158. Newborn Screening Results, going for Sweat Test
  159. Single mum desperate for guidence and information for newborn cf daughter
  160. IRT Level - what was yours?
  161. Good News from CFF on Latest Research
  162. coughing
  163. ? diagnosis
  164. CT scan report
  166. Are you in the Seattle, WA area?
  167. 10 year old diagnosed
  168. Medical Insurance question
  169. 2nd clinic appt.
  170. What are your favorite videos (about CF) for kids?
  171. 2nd appt. continued
  172. Anyone with DeltF508 and (TG) 12-5T?
  173. Is it possible that I have CF? What do you think?
  174. it's not a duck, must be a goose :)
  175. Diagnosed with 3 months (of age)
  176. I Have Cystic Fibrosis
  177. Ambry CF gene test - now the wait begins
  178. 3 month old that weighs 7lbs 8oz
  179. Sweat Test Extremely High
  180. Overwhelmed with emotion waitings
  181. Problem with Ask Steve of Ambry Thread
  182. CF? Or NOT? Help.
  183. 13 year old possible CF?
  184. Mom irritated with clinic
  185. 21 month old having his sweat test done next week. wat do you think?
  186. L671X???
  187. Two borderline sweat chloride test
  188. frustrated again!
  189. Calling all neatfreaks (or not neat freaks)!
  190. Questions regarding fecal elastase and failure to thrive
  191. what r the chances
  192. help with understanding mutations
  193. Marriage and CF
  194. my 6 day old daughter was just diagnosed
  195. Diagnosed at age 50
  196. How Long Should Amby Test Take?
  197. Does skin always taste salty?
  198. Ileum meconial and ostomies in my new baby
  199. Trouble with enzymes?
  200. My niece was diagnosed last year
  201. Any info on the polyT 6T/9T variant?
  202. Trouble giving vitamins - advice?
  203. R117H & A455E
  204. Elevated IRT levels, trying to keep it together
  205. It's Back To School Time!
  206. Dears... any info on p.Phe10781le (or p.Phe1078lle)
  207. Difficulty with diagnosis
  208. Questions about nebulizers
  209. CF clinic?
  210. How my kids were diagnosed
  211. mucoid impaction....
  212. Should I get tested for CF?
  213. Looking for Answers & Others
  214. Can they dianose Cf through DNA
  215. Neonatal Radiant warmers
  216. Ichthyosis and cystic fibrosis diagnose and sweat test IMPORtant..
  217. Confused! Son newly diagnosed
  218. 22 weeks Pregnant and amnio confirmed CF
  219. Going for a sweat test, questions
  220. rare mutation!!! c.4375-20A>G.
  221. Going for a sweat test UPDATE
  222. New in the club... :-(
  223. Suspected CF-looking for information
  224. Sweat test exact numbers
  225. Mom publishes New book for families with a recent cf diagnosis
  226. Trouble collecting sweat
  227. What can throw off sweat test results?
  228. It was negative!
  229. My daughter was just diagnosed
  230. Question about progression
  231. Minute Clinic--guess we can't go there any more
  232. second opinion about treatment
  233. How to tell kids that mom has CF
  234. daughter diagnosed at 4. d508 and n1303
  235. Diagnosed at 23
  236. Nasal congestion question
  237. enzyme dosing?
  238. Sweat Test Required?
  239. s1235r and delf508
  240. newborn daughter just diagnosed
  241. 8 yr old son with missing vas deferens
  242. question: need some help
  243. newborn with CF
  244. sweat test false positive
  245. Unknown Genes
  246. Sweat Test result :(
  247. 8 yr old son - what to tell him?
  248. Old age (relatively speaking) diagnosis
  249. Recurrent chest infections and poor weight gain in 1 yr old
  250. Advice for a mom that will have a child with CF